NPS 319 Projects Review (FY16)


319 Nonpoint Source Projects Review Page


Click on a link to go to the specific NPS Project Proposal. Comments are all the comments received during the proposal phase and include the official letters that were sent to applicants with finalized comments following the draft applications. If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact Robert Ray.


FY2016 NPS Project Proposals:


Scoring Form.pdf          Scoring Form.docx






Project Title  Proposal Form  Comments  Final Form 
Lincoln CD 

Tobacco River Restoration Project Phase I Final Design and Implementation 

Lincoln CD_Proposal  Lincoln CD_FY16 Comments

-Lincoln CD_Final

-Kootenai Basin WRP 

-Tobacco River Design Plan

Lewis & Clark Co WQPD 

Lake Helena WRP Implementation Project  L&C WQPD_Proposal  L&C WQPD_FY16 Comments

-L&C WQPD_Final 

-Lake Helena Watershed WRP


FY 2016 Education and Outreach


SWCDM_Proposal SWCDM_FY16 Comments  SWCDM_Final 
Trout Unlimited 

Blackfeet 1 Mine Reclamation and

Sediment/Metals Reduction 

TU_Proposal TU_FY16 Comments  None Submitted
Clark Fork Coalition 

Upper Lolo Creek Sediment Reduction

Project Phase 2: Implementation 

CFC_Proposal CFC_FY16 Comments  CFC_Final 
Flathead Land Trust, Inc. 

North Shore Flathead Lake Shoreline

Restoration Project 

Flathead Land Trust_Proposal  Flathead Land Trust_FY16 Comments Flathead Land Trust_Final 
7 Green Mountain CD

Improving Water Quality and Native

Fish Habitat in the Vermilion River

Green Mountain CD_Proposal Green Mountain CD_FY16 Comments None Submitted
8 Bozeman High School Parent Advisory Council Mandeville Creek Restoration & Education Bozeman HS PAC_Proposal Bozeman HS PAC_FY16 Comments Bozeman HS PAC_Final
9 Ruby Valley CD/ Ruby Watershed Council

Watershed Restoration Demonstration Ramshorn Creek

RVCD/RWC_Proposal RVCD/RWC_FY16 Comments RVCD/RWC_Final
10  Beaverhead CD  Dyce Creek  BCD_Proposal  BCD_FY16 Comments  BCD_Final 

Big Sky Watershed Corps

Member Support

MWCC_Proposal MWCC_FY16 Comments MWCC_Final
12 Park CD

Brackett Creek Sub-Watershed

Sediment Reduction

Park CD_Proposal Park CD_FY16 Comments Disqualified