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NPS 319 Projects Review (FY14)

Page history last edited by Laura Rennick Andersen 6 years, 10 months ago

Guide to Nonpoint Source 319 Grant Review Page:

Click on a link to go to the specific 319 Project Proposal. Comments are all the comments received during the proposal phase and include the official letters that were sent to applicants with finalized comments following the draft applications. 

If you have questions or need assistance please contact Laura Andersen.


FY2014 Call for 319 Project Proposals 

For more information visit the DEQ 319 Program Webpage

 Scoring Form



Project Sponsor Project Title  Proposal Form

Summary of Project Proposals


(Available August 31)                

Final Form

(Due October 4)

Summary of Final Proposals               

Soil and Water Conservation Districts of Montana, Inc. FY2015 Education and Outreach Mini-Grants  SWCDMI Proposal  Comments_SWCDMI.docx   SWCDMI Final 
Montana Watershed Coordination Council  Big Sky Watershed Corps Support  MWCC Proposal  Comments_MWCC_BigSkyWatershedCorps.docx   MWCC Final 
Lower Clark Fork Watershed Group  Bull River Sediment Reduction and Riparian Re-Vegetation Project  LCFWG Proposal  Comments_LCFWG.docx   LCFWG Final 
Big Hole Watershed Committee California Creek Restoration, Big Hole River Watershed  BHWC Proposal  Comments_BigHole.docx   BHWC Final 
6 Bitter Root Water Forum  Riparian Restoration on Rye Creek  BRWF Proposal  Comments_BRWF.docx   BRWF Withdrawal Letter
Beaverhead CD
Lower Spring Creek
Beaverhead Proposal 
Comments_BeaverheadCD.docx   Beaverhead Withdrawal Letter 
Broadwater CD
Deep Creek Restoration Project
Broadwater Proposal 

Broadwater Final 

Lolo Watershed Group
Sediment Reduction in Lolo Watershed
Lolo Proposal 

Lolo Final 

10  Park CD  Shields River Watershed Sediment Reduction  Park Proposal  Comments_ParkCD.docx   Park CD will submit after Federal Shutdown 








































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