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FY2014 319 Call

Page history last edited by Laura Rennick Andersen 6 years, 10 months ago

Fiscal Year 2014 Call for 319 Project Proposals

For more information please visit the DEQ 319 Program Webpage or contact Robert Ray (406-444-5319) with questions. 


NOTICE: Despite the shutdown of the federal government, DEQ will be holding to the deadlines and time frames set forth in the Fiscal Year 2014 Call for 319 Project Proposals with one notable exception:  Project sponsors will be given a 4 business day grace period past the reopening of the federal government to submit the specific items that were unavailable during the shutdown.  In order to take advantage of the grace period, project sponsors must submit a list of the missing information with their Final Project Proposal by the October 4th deadline.  Questions may be directed to Robert Ray, Watershed Protection Section Supervisor, at (406) 444-5351 or rray@mt.gov.    


FY2014 Forms


DEQ priorities from the 2012 NPS Management Plan.


Review Forum: 319 Project Proposal Review Page (2014)


Schedule for Fiscal Year 2014 319 Projects

Event Date
 Release of Call for Section 319 Project Proposals   6/3/13

 319 Workshop - Helena (9:00 a.m., 1520 E 6th Ave, Room 111) 

(Agenda and Presentation)

 WRP Workshop (Presentation) 7/2/2013
 Project Proposals Due to DEQ 7/26/13
 MWCC Review Meeting (1-4 pm, Helena/Teleconference Details Below) 8/15/2013
 Final Proposals Due to DEQ 10/4/2013
 Evaluation by 319 Agency Review Panel (Agenda)   10/21/13*
 Notice of Intent to Award 11/1/13
 Final Scopes of Work Due to DEQ  12/31/13
 DEQ Submits State of MT application for EPA Review TBD
 DEQ Sends Out Grant Agreements to Project Sponsors TBD
 Project Sponsors Return Signed Agreements TBD
 Funds Available

Late Spring/Early

Summer 2014






















MWCC Project Review

Date: Thursday, August 15, 2013

Time: 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm

Location: Room 111 of the DEQ Metcalf Building, 1520 E Sixth Avenue, Helena, MT 59620

Organizer: Robert Ray, Water Committee Chair and Supervisor of the DEQ Watershed Protection Section

Conference Call Number: 1-866-906-9888

Conference Call Pass Code: 7508058


*DEQ is modifying the ‘Call for Project Proposals for Fiscal Year 2014’ issued June 3, 2013. On page 4 in Table 1, the date of the evaluation by  the agency review panel is being changed from Tuesday October 22, 2013 to Monday October 21, 2013, because of scheduling conflicts.



Project Proposal Review

The Montana Watershed Coordination Council has been asked to assist the DEQ nonpoint source program staff in reviewing and providing comment on the 319 Project Proposals. MWCC committees or work groups will review the corresponding project proposals and provide comments. The purpose for this review is to provide the applicants with recommendations for strengthening their applications. The recommended edits/comments will be provided in written form to the applicants by DEQ by August 30, 2013. Project sponsors are encouraged to attend the appropriate review meeting.


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