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FY2013 319 Projects

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Review Forum:319 Grant Review Page (2013)


Guide to Apply for 319 Grants

Note:  The Montana Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) has extended the submission deadline for State Fiscal Year 2013, 319 Project Proposal forms to Friday, August 17, 2012, at 5:00 pm. This date extension only applies to the Project Proposal submittal deadline. All other deadlines, requirements and stipulations in the Call for Grant Applications for Fiscal Year 2013 remain unchanged at this time. For a revised Call for Grant applications and complete announcement memo please visit the DEQ Nonpoint Source Program 319 Grant Information website at http://deq.mt.gov/wqinfo/nonpoint/319GrantInfo.mcpx. If you have any questions concerning the Call for Grant Applications for Fiscal Year 2013, please contact Robert Ray at (406) 444-5319 or rray@mt.gov.


Fiscal Year 2013 Call for 319 Grant Applications

For more information please visit the DEQ 319 Grant Program Webpage 


FY2013 Application Forms


Appendicies for FY2013 Call for 319 Grant Applications 

 Attachment A-1  319 Ranking Scoring Sheet for Watershed Restoration Projects
 Attachment A-2  319 Ranking Scoring Sheet for Education and Outreach Projects
 Attachment B  Nine Minimum Elements for a Watershed Restoration Plan
 Attachment C  Map of Completed TMDL Planning Areas
 Attachment D  Application Form Instructions

DEQ priorities from the 2012 NPS Management Plan.


Schedule for Fiscal Year 2013 319 Grants

Event Date
 Release of Call for Section 319 Grant Applications   06/01/12
 319 Grant Workshop - Helena (9:00 a.m., FW&P Montana Wild Center)  06/26/12
 Project Proposals Due to DEQ 8/17/12
MWCC WAWG Review Meeting (12:30-4:30 pm, DEQ Room 111) 8/23/2012
MWCC E&O Review Meeting (9-11 am, DEQ Room 239/240) 8/21/2012
 Final Applications Due to DEQ  10/01/12
 Evaluation by 319 Agency Review Panel (Agenda) (Meeting Summary)  10/23/12
 Notice of Intent to Award  10/31/12
 Final Scopes of Work Due to DEQ  12/31/12
 DEQ Submits State of MT application for EPA Review TBD 
 DEQ Sends Out Grant Agreements to Project Sponsors TBD 
 Project Sponsors Return Signed Agreements TBD 
Funds Available TBD



Project Proposal Review

The Montana Watershed Coordination Council's Water Activities Work Group (WAWG), and Education & Outreach Committee have been asked to assist the DEQ nonpoint source program staff in reviewing and providing comment on the 319 Project Proposals. These groups will review the corresponding project proposals and provide comments. The purpose for this review is to provide the applicants with recommendations for strengthening their applications. The recommended edits/comments will be provided in written form to the applicants by DEQ by August 31, 2012. Project sponsors are encouraged to attend the appropriate review meeting.

  • WAWG Meeting: TBD
  • Education and Outreach Work Group Meeting: TBD  

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