TMDL Implementation


TMDL Implementation Projects


A significant portion of the Montana's Section 319 project funding is used for implementation of practices on the ground that help to mitigate NPS pollution. The Watershed Protection section currently administers and tracks TMDL implementation projects. The section has more than 20 active contracts implementing various aspects of Water Quality Plans/TMDLs.












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TMDL Implementation Evaluation (TIE)  Process


The Watershed Protection section is charged with conducting reviews of completed and implemented TMDLs.


The criteria below outlines if a TMDL implementation evaluation (TIE) is appropriate:


  1. TMDLs were completed at least five years ago. 
  2. Conservation District or Watershed Group WRP document is final and the implementation activities identified in the Plan are either underway or have been completed. 
  3. Progress on restoration activities/projects has been significant and there is a high likelihood that TMDL objectives have been achieved or that significant progress towards attaining goals may be demonstrated. 
  4. WRP monitoring (identified and implemented by the Plan) has been significant and data is available to evaluate if TMDL objectives have been met.


Completed TIEs



Downstream of Nevada Creek where restoration techniques were implemented to restore eroding banks