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Watershed Restoration Proposal Main Page

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Watershed Restoration Coalition - Upper Clark Fork Tributary RestorationInstructions for Watershed Restoration Page:

The purpose for this review is to provide the applicant with recommendations for strengthening their application for the final draft. View and comment on specific Watershed Restoration proposals by clicking on the link next to each proposal. Please give equal consideration to all draft proposals by reviewing and commenting on each application in this section. To aid in your review, the Montana 319 ranking score sheet is provided. You do not need to fill this document out, rather use it as a guide for the review of each proposal. General comments on all/multiple Watershed Restoration applications can be made in the space at the bottom of the page.


Montana 319 Ranking Score Sheet: AttachmentA.doc


DEQ Technical Review Comments are available for each proposal:

DEQ staff will generate and compile recommended edits and comments for each FY10 319 proposal and will send written copies to each applicant on October 30, 2009. These comments will be available on each proposal's individual page.   


Proposal Link: Natural Heritage Program -  Big Spring Creek Watershed Mapping and Wetland Profiling

Proposal Link: Swan Eco System Center - Swan Watershed TMDL Implementation

Proposal Link: Bighole Watershed Committee - Big Hole Restoration, Planning & Education

Proposal Link: Flathead County - Bigfork Storm Water Project

Proposal Link: Watershed Restoration Coalition - Upper Clark Fork Tributary Restoration

Proposal Link: Blue Water Task Force - West Fork Nitrate Monitoring Project

Proposal Link: Ruby Watershed Council - Miller Ranch Ruby Channel Restoration 



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