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Welcome to our PBworks wiki tutorial. Wikis are often used to create collaborative websites, to power community websites, and for note taking. Wiki users can add and update content on the site using their own Web browser. You can access and view all the pages without logging in, but to contribute to the site, (for example to edit pages, start discussions, leave comments or ask questions) you will need to request access.


The edit tab (beside the 'view' tab) does not show up if you are not logged in.


Contents of tutorial

  • 1. Creating account and logging in

    • A. What is a PBworks Account?

    • B. How do I create my PBworks Account?

    • C. What if I forgot my password?

    • D. More information

  • 2. Page setup

    • A. Page body

    • B. Sidebar

    • C. Comments

    • D. Workspace tools

    • E. Page tools



1.  Creating account and logging in

A.     What is a PBworks Account? A PBworks account is a wiki that allows organizations to quickly post documents and collaborate on and discuss content. A PBworks Account is your personal portal to all of your workspaces. It allows you to organize and manage your wikis, whether you have one wiki or one hundred.


B.      How do I create my PBworks Account? To sign up for your account, simply go to http://my.pbworks.com and click "Sign up" or just click on this link: request access. Enter your name, e-mail address and password to start the account creation process.  The next step is to check your e-mail Inbox (or Spam/Junk Mail filter if you don't find it in your Inbox) for the confirmation e-mail.  Your PBworks Account is not set-up until you successfully confirm its creation by clicking on the link contained in the confirmation e-mail.


C.      What if I forgot my password? If you forgot your password, click on this link: reset password and enter your email address. PBworks will reset it for you.


D.   More information


2.  Page setup

A.   Page bodyThis is where all the text, images, plugins, and general content of a wiki page appear. The FrontPage body contains links that will bring you to NPS program sub-topic pages.


B.   SideBar The SideBar appears on the right panel of your wiki. No matter what page you're viewing, the SideBar is always visible.  Because the SideBar appears on every wiki page, it's a great place for us to insert links to important documents. 


C. Comments - You'll see comments displayed in chronological order in this section.  Comments are limited to regular text, which cannot be formatted (there are no options to format the text).  Comments can be deleted by users with Editor or Administrator level permissions on the workspace.



  • Comment counter- This reflects  the number of comments on the page.
  • Comment image - If you've uploaded an image to your PBworks Account, it appears here when you make a comment.  If no profile picture has been uploaded, this image defaults to a sandwich.
  • Commenter name - The name that you've identified in your PBworks Account appears here.  If you've elected for your email address to be visible to registered users of the workspace, then that information will be shared whenever a registered user of the workspace clicks your name.
  • Timestamp - This displays the "local time" the comment was made (i.e., relative to the viewer's local computer time settings.)   


D.   Workspace tools



  • Create a page - Allows you to create a new page.  It is not accessible to anyone who does not have at least Writer-level access.

  • Upload files  - Following this link brings you to the "All Files" view of Pages & Files area.  To upload a new file or file revision, begin by clicking on the "Upload files" button.  You must have at least Writer-level access to upload files.  *Note: to Upload multiple files, simply select multiple files when browsing the files on your computer and click the "Open" button.

  • Upgrade -  Takes you to upgrade.php.   There you can view available features for Premium workspaces and apply for an upgraded workspace.

  • Front Page - Returns you to the FrontPage of your workspace from wherever you are.

  • Pages & Files - Allows you to view pages and download files.

  • Settings- Takes you to the Settings page. This link is not visible unless you have Administrator-level access to the workspace.  For more information about the specific Admin Settings, please click HERE.

  • Help - Takes you to the PBworks Manual and other resources.


E.   Page tools



  • Send a link - Click "Send a link" to send an email to a specific user of the workspace about the current page.  You can also send your own custom message, along with the link.
  • Put this page in a folder/Put this page in a different folder - allows you to sort the page into an existing folder.
  • Add a tag - Allows you to add a keyword tag to the page, which can be helpful for organizing and finding pages.  
  • Page Security - Premium workspace users can choose from several page security options, including Hiding a page from view of non-admins, Locking a page from editing by non-admins, and allowing only identified users access to a page (Custom Security).






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